Galaxy Green

 500.00 1,350.00

Spirulina, Pani Dodang, Lemon Zest, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and King Coconut.

Detoxes body of heavy metals, improves HIV/AIDS, helps to fight and prevent cancer, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, boosts energy, alleviates sinus issues, speeds up weight loss, has neuroprotective and memory boosting properties. Helps treat liver disease, Diabetes, Bronchitis, Cough, Gout, strengthens the immune system, fights off cold and flu. Reduces oxidative stress, improves bone health, eradicates toxins, reduces cholesterol, prevents heart related conditions, maintains oral health and hygiene, fights skin related conditions and improves blood circulation. Helps boost and regulate metabolism, gives you instant energy, supports healthy thyroid function, increases cell regeneration, promotes anti-viral, anti-fungal and ant-bacterial activity, improves insulin secretion, protects your body from disease. Anti-aging properties and a natural source of electrolytes.

Rs. 350 will be charged for delivery within Colombo and Greater Colombo Areas

Regular:  370 ml – Rs. 500
Large : 1 Liter – Rs. 1,350


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1 Liter, 370 ML


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